An exhibit of Artists Responses to the Covid 19 Pandemic

This exhibit, organized by SOS ART, consists of Artists responses to the Covid 19 pandemic. It is being held online due to the ongoing pandemic crisis and its resulting necessary social distancing. 
For this collective art show, Artists were invited to submit their artwork, in any medium, dealing with their responses to the pandemic. This could be regarding how they have been personally, or through family, friends and others they know, affected by the pandemic and the changes it has generated, or their reflection on the local, national, and international social and political reactions and events that the crisis has triggered.
110 greater Cincinnati artists submitted 209 artworks for the show. Their media were varied including drawings, paintings, prints, photographs, sculptures, fabric, etc. and their subject quite diverse. They addressed direct effects of the Covid pandemic such as social isolation and loneliness, loss and separation, sickness and death, the world turned upside down, new modes of communication, new discoveries and new ways of coping, the resort to spirituality, the role of information (and misinformation), the role of science… and also addressed societal and political events triggered or unveiled by the pandemic such as unemployment, racial inequity, racial unrest, emergence of the Black Lives Matter movement, demands for justice, political divide, negligence and irresponsibility of the government, etc.
1) To view submitted videos: At the bottom of this page and right before the Gallery are listed names of artists who have submitted videos. Clicking on their name will open their video for viewing.
2) To view artworks: There are thumbnails of all the artworks submitted, each labeled with the artist’s name. Clicking on the thumbnail opens a page which has the image of the respective art piece with all its pertinent information (title, sale price, medium, dimensions, accompanying artist statement, and artist succinct biography). At the right and lower side of the page is a tab that allows, by clicking on it, to view a full size of the image; and at the bottom of the page is a comment case for the viewer to share thoughts, impressions, reflections, etc.
The sale price of an artwork is listed between parenthesis right after the title of the piece. NFS means Not For Sale, and POR, Price On Request. If interested in purchasing an artwork for sale, please send an email to:  including the name of the artwork and your contact information. 
Please feel free to share this page with family, friends and any other relevant venues. The voice of our artists is important and needs to reach far and loud. Thank you for spending time with the artwork, letting it grow in you and adding to it your self and your own perspective.
With gratitude,
Saad Ghosn,
President, SOS ART

1. To view video/short film submissions, click on artist name:  Erika NJ Allen, Ian Timothy Forsgren 

2. To view visual artworks, click on the gallery below: