color pencil; 5.5×8.5”

“My work ‘Bat Times’ sums up an unfortunate combination of Donald Trump being the president of the United States of America and the spread of the deadly Corona Virus pandemic apparently spread through bats from China. The leader of the free world doesn’t believe in wearing masks due to his lack of knowledge in science. This unforeseen virus has infected and killed millions of people all over the world while Trump continues to send bad signals to the people about the magnitude of the crisis and his denial to give–up on the White House. During these trying times when people need the leader of the free world to make sound and selfless decisions, Trump is shamefully focusing on continually being a self-centered businessman.”

ARTIST BIO: Anisha Kanakia Sanghani, (b. 1975, New Delhi, India) is a mixed-media artist based in Cincinnati, OH since 2001. She has a diverse background in Textile, Graphic Design and Fine Arts. Anisha can create intricate miniature paintings to bold, brazen abstracts or realistic art that references both Indian and Western cultures. Through her works, she has found a way to live with her multiple personalities. Anisha is a 2020 Finalist for the Art Comes Alive (ACA) Competition at ADC Gallery, and The Art North Show at Scac, Westheimer Gallery. She has exhibited widely, and won Prestige Awards for Graphic Design Excellence at The University of Cincinnati.