mixed media on canvas (acrylic, metallic bronzing powders, glass and epoxy resin); 36×48”

“One of the pivotal moments for me during COVID, was the night of the BLM protests. I was glad that our city was reacting to the murder of George Floyd. As I sat watching the protest, I was troubled when I saw the protest change from peaceful demonstrations to acts of rage. Upon seeing an individual break the glass at Mica on Vine Street, I knew I needed to create from this moment of violence. I knew that I needed to transform the violence of that moment in our city’s history into a work of beauty. At 8am the next morning, after a sleepless night, I called friends to ask for their help in sweeping up the glass at Mica. I knew that this violence would impact the owners of the store. I wanted them to know that the city was there to support them. They certainly did not deserve this violent act. I also wanted to gather glass to be able express all of the emotions that were rising within me.”

ARTIST BIO: Mary Barr Rhodes, a mixed media artist who lives and works in Cincinnati, OH, works with themes related to color, light energy and activist issues. She holds a Master of Art’s degree from Marshall University and has been greatly influenced by the Abstract Expressionist Movement. Mary began her career at a period of history when sexism ruled the art world. Her artwork has been strongly influenced by the Feminist Movement and radiates feminine energy. In recent years, she experimented with theories of light resonance. Surfaces composed of broken glass embedded in vibrant, resin-drenched color fields, explore light refraction, and color energy. Mary’s work is in numerous public and private collections across the United States, Europe and South America. Her upcoming projects include a commission for The Kinley Hotel, Cincinnati and a one-woman show, Power of Her at Art Design Consultants.