oil, acrylic on canvas; four paintings, each 14″x11″

“Here is the penultimate collection within my series of works devoted to the Bzo Dynasty. My chimeric fascination with the noted and subtitled royal family extends not only to their remarkable (and frankly, unbelievable) political gamesmanship, but also to the fantastical effect their legacy has had on us all. From the mannerist roots in my studies of Negromodelovirus Bzo, to the darkly proto-expressionist manifestation of Djobye’den Bzo, I have well captured the lunacy and the sanity of the Bzos. One might almost believe I made them up.”

ARTIST BIO: Alfonso Romero lives in Kentucky with his wife, three children, two dogs, and cellphone. He took up art rather late in life, much like his namesake, George W. Bush, but unlike whom he has not yet mastered his craft. (adromero.net)