Portfolio of Woodcut Prints

This Portfolio of Woodcut Prints on “Human Rights” is a project of SOS ART in collaboration with Taller Burro Press in Oaxaca, Mexico. It consists of 25 prints by 12 artists from Oaxaca and 12 artists from Cincinnati, each addressing one of 12 human rights, and the 25th print, the title page, created by an artist from Cincinnati.

The purpose of the portfolio was to challenge artists to create images and messages around human rights through a collaborative process across different cultures; also to raise funds for both SOS ART and Taller Burro Press for their current and future projects. 

The portfolio has been printed in an edition of 50, 25 given to the 25 participating artists in both Cincinnati and Oaxaca, and the remaining 25 shared between SOS ART and Taller Burro Press for future sales. Each print is in black and white, 12×12” centered on a 15×15” Guarro Canson 250 g cotton paper.

Most of the participating artists are widely exhibited and known internationally.

The majority of the portfolios will be sold as such, and only a few broken up to be sold print by print. If interested in either please contact SOS ART at sosartcincinnati@gmail.com

There will be two shows in both Cincinnati and Oaxaca to feature the 25 portfolio prints, in addition to other works by each of the participating artists; dates to follow. The shows will be the occasion of cultural manifestations and collaborative visits by artists from each location. Stay tuned!

Portfolio case
Portfolio case, open showing Colophon
Portfolio case, open showing Portada/Cover Page


Portada/Cover Page by Ken Swinson, Cincinnati

Salud by Iván Bautista, Oaxaca

Health by Suzanne Michele Chouteau, Cincinnati

No Violencia by Balthazar Castellano Melo, Oaxaca

Non-Violence by Theresa Gates Kuhr, Cincinnati

Libertad by Dario Castillejos Lázcares, Oaxaca

Freedom by Mark Patsfall, Cincinnati

Hogar by César Chávez, Oaxaca

Home by Kate Rowekamp, Cincinnati

Medio Ambiente by Edith Chávez, Oaxaca

Environment by Roscoe Wilson, Cincinnati

Igualdad by Alberto Cruz, Oaxaca

Equality by Julie Lonneman, Cincinnati

No Discriminación by Enrique Gijón, Oaxaca

Non-Discrimination by Susan Naylor, CIncinnati

Justicia by Xabier R. González, Oaxaca

Justice by Jonpaul Smith, Cincinnati

Trabajo by Mario Guzmán Olivares, Oaxaca

Work by John Hankiewicz, Cincinnati

Educación by Silverio Herrera, Oaxaca

Education by Kevin Harris, Cincinnati

Libre Elección by Félix Monterrosa, Oaxaca

Free Choice by Jennifer Purdum, Cincinnati

Democracia by Shinzaburo Takeda, Oaxaca

Democracy by Andrew Au, Cincinnati