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Call to Artists for Annual “SOS ART 2022”:

Deadline for Submission June 5, 2022

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Call to Artists for “USA Miniprints for Peace & Justice 2022”:

Deadline for Submission June 5, 2022

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Call to artists for “Pride Art Celebration”:

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Latest Publications

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“Greater Cincinnati Religious Peacemakers”, written by Saad Ghosn and featuring 38 individuals from Greater Cincinnati who belong to more than 25 religious denominations and whose faith serves as a promoter for their actions toward peace and justice, has just been published by SOS ART.
The actions and paths of these Religious Peacemakers are inspirational and remind us that truly living one’s faith and not only following blindly the institutional religion contributes to unity, and non-divisiveness, toward justice and a better world.

“InsideOut: An Affirming Epiphany” has been published by SOS ART a few months ago. It consists of Self-Portraits by Transgender individuals with responsive Poems by Greater Cincinnati Poets. The book was a collaboration between SOS ART and Jay DeFazio, Inside Out.

“Printed Voices from Czechia” documents the exhibit of prints by Czech printmakers organized by SOS ART in Cincinnati, July-September 2022. It consists of 121 prints, in various printmaking techniques, by 31 Czech artists who reflect on their social and cultural reality. A succinct biography of the artists as well as pictures of their artworks and their accompanying statements are included.

The 19th year book of Poems and Drawings on Peace and Justice by Greater Cincinnati Artists (For A Better World 2022) has been published by SOS ART. It includes poems by 93 local poets and drawings by 40 local visual artists, all on the themes of peace and justice.

“Human Rights” Portfolio of Woodcut Prints
by artists from Oaxaca and Cincinnati

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SOS ART Retrospective 2016-2020

If you did not have a chance to visit the show please watch the video below documenting the show and including the mini interviews of 60 participating artists.

Calls to Artists and Online Exhibits

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Family by Thom Shaw, 1995 Woodcut