artist’s book, photography, writings; 6.75×4.75x.25″
(shown book cover and interior pages)

The Time of Corona cannot be separated from the Time of Trump, the analogies too obvious, too painful. The power of the individual is both pulverized and amplified simultaneously, paradoxically, as our breath can kill and our vote can count yet we feel helpless. The stress on the human body and spirit is
immeasurable. ‘Sidewalk Stories: Musing on 40%’ evolved from my daily walks, made possible by the self-isolation that guaranteed free mornings and by a commitment to maintaining my health and sanity. At first, I took photographs of little sidewalk vignettes as I walked by. But politics inevitably crept in. I was continually disappointed that Trump’s approval rating seemed to average out over time to about 40%. I wondered what else was at 40%, was there a deeper meaning in the universe to that number. A random search produced ironic, superficial, absurd, poignant comparisons. In the end, perhaps with no great insight gained, all I could do is walk on.

ARTIST BIO: As a child, A Leader resonated to art materials and spaces. However, as she lacked rendering skills 60 years ago when art’s definition was quite traditional, she got little encouragement. Instead, she turned to collecting found objects and experiencing the natural world, as well as visiting art and natural history museums, and later travel. She found her niche in clay as a studio potter and later, in art school, explored paper making, bookbinding and photography and writing. Art has been a refuge many times during her life, especially during political upheaval. Currently, she works in the Bluegrass and maintains links in Cincinnati.