“Voices from Czechia”, after Oaxaca/Mexico and Lebanon, was the 3rd “Voices from…” organized by SOS ART and curated by Saad Ghosn, its President. Its intent was to share with the Cincinnati audience artworks which reflected the social and cultural reality of Czech printmakers. The show comprised 121 prints of various printmaking techniques, by 31 Czech artists, emerging or well established, young and old, a couple already dead. It took place at Kennedy Heights Arts Center and was accompanied by a Czech cultural and a Czech movie mini-festivals. It was hoped that the exhibit and its accompanying activities would contribute, within the Cincinnati community, to cultural exchange and enrichment, promoting cross cultural understanding and appreciation; also to illustrating the power of art as a contributor to a universal better world. In case you were not able to see the show in person, please watch the video below that documented it.