alcohol marker, acrylic paint, archival ink, prismacolor pencil, and collage materials; 12×11″

“’Pandemic Nexus’ is a commentary on the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic on the development and maintaining of relationships while in fluctuating stages of isolation. Numerological elements embedded in the image relate to dates significant to the impact of the Pandemic and subsequent moments of connection formed during chaotic times as well as representing symbolic elements of individuals. The network of linear intersections alludes to trajectories in life’s path and resulting convergences.

ARTIST BIO: Jamie Schorsch is a Cincinnati-based artist and art educator. Jamie is employed by Oak Hills Local School District as an Art Teacher at Oak Hills High School and serves as the Art and Design Department Coordinator. When not teaching, Jamie spends her time creating murals throughout the Southwest Ohio region and exhibits her works that integrate psychology, religion, literature, and history, which inspire the conceptual and visual development for her artworks. The resulting repertoire of images created illustrates visual, social, and spiritual explorations and issues in relation to modern societal standards.