SOS ART Cincinnati publishes works from its events, also works highlighting local artists and their work for peace and justice and for a better world. This includes, among others, the yearly “SOS ART” book documenting the yearly SOS ART collective exhibit and art festival for peace and justice and the yearly anthology “For a Better World,”a book of poems and drawings on peace and justice by Greater Cincinnati artists.

New series of books include the “Voices from…” that document printmaking works by artists from a different country who use their work to reflect on their social reality and on their culture; also “Cartoons for Peace and Justice” that consist of cartoon books on a given theme of peace and justice, written and illustrated by Greater Cincinnati artists, and which are given free to elementary and middle schools for their students to read and discuss in the classroom.

Here are some of our publications, click on a thumbnail to view the entire book:

For A Better World

For a Better World 2023
For a Better World 2018
For A Better World 2015
For A Better World 2012
For A Better World 2009

For A Better World 2006
For A Better World: The Best of 2004-2015
For a Better World 2022
For A Better World 2019
For A Better World 2016
For A Better World 2013

For A Better World 2010

For A Better World 2007

For A Better World 2004

For A Better World 2021
For A Better World 2020
For A Better World 2017
For A Better World 2014
For A Better World 2011

For A Better World 2008
For A Better World 2005


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Voices From…

Voices From Oaxaca 2017
Voices From Lebanon 2019
Voices From Czechia

SOS ART Cartoons for Peace and Justice…

Theme: Environment (Stories illustrated by Matt Reed and Billy Simms) (2022)

Theme: Hunger (Stories illustrated by Kate Rowekamp and Madyson Haynes) (2022)

Additional Publications

Race and the City – Art (2023)
Greater Cincinnati Religious Peacemakers (2021)
InsideOut: An Affirming Epiphany (2021)

Children Engaging Compassion (2016)
Artists as Activists (2015)