mixed media micro installation; 12.75×10.5×9.25”

“Paper thread, a crochet hook, a plastic case, black twine combine together in a manipulation of thought, emotion and containment. Confined, self-imposed quarantine, an edgy human struggle rocking between illness and survival with questions unanswered, when time is marked by death and life moving on without. I cry and turn wet paper into thread and then into a chain of life lived and sadness. Contained seemed manageable, safer somehow than a rush towards the unknown, easier than the inexplicable numbers that represent life gone rather than life living. I cry and turn my tears into paper and into a chain of life beginning.”

ARTIST BIO: An installation and conceptual artist, Carol Freid works in a myriad of materials. Her work combines object relations, disparate social, cultural and political elements and language in a visual commentary on our evolvable and devolving society.”