papier mache; masks of different dimensions

“Art Education majors at Northern Kentucky University have been learning about studio materials and techniques in P-12 classrooms. This project explored papier mache’ mask-making. The Challenge was to create a mask which will be worn to transform/protect/conceal/camouflage/etc.- the wearer in this time of Covid-19. Student artists were allowed to include both animal and human qualities to contribute to the meaning of their mask. Below are their statement:

Brittney RYAN: ”I wanted to use the bull shark for the concept of adaptation that I feel is very valuable right now. I wanted to use the angler fish’s light. This is more in a metaphorical sense of seeing the light in darkness as a way expressing my desire to stay positive and hopeful. I used the Jellyfish for the protection of its sting to insure social distancing.”

Abba SUTTON: “The woven gills represent a fish and the feathers and beak-like nose represent a bird. I decorated the mask with flowers.”

Maddie SCHWOEPPE: “My mask is a mixture of an elephant, butterfly, and human. The big ideas surrounding these three pieces are wealth, success, value, endurance, change, hope, and life. The overall meaning of the mask is to remind the wearer that in order to be successful in life one has to be patient, grow from one’s mistakes, and value the little things in life.”

ARTIST BIO: This is an art project art teacher Lisa JAMESON did with her art education majors at NKU, prompted by the role of masks in this time of Covid-19 pandemic.