terra cotta ceramic, etched, painted with underglaze; 9×6″

“Part of a series representing the female nude, with narratives portraying inside/outside meaning, her history, herstory, while navigating historical references. Taking a glimpse into the feminine psyche with a contemporary viewpoint of the female gaze, Stop the Chatter! portrays the constant bombardment of information on a daily basis on COVID-19 due to our 24/7 news cycle. She is fraught with misinformation especially being disseminated on social media and from our dangerous and corrupt government.”

ARTIST BIO: Marsha Karagheusian holds BS, BFA and MFA degrees in Ceramics and Art Education. She has been a Professor in the Department of Art at Xavier University for over three decades where she has been teaching all levels of Ceramics (hand building and wheel throwing) as well as Art Education. Presently concentrating in figurative sculpture and tile work in ceramic earthenware clay, she exhibits in international, national, regional, local and on-line venues.