acrylic on wood and mixed media; 44x67x28″ (shown front and side; also details of face and belly)

“This is a ceiling-hanging sharklike puppet whose mouth opens/closes when you pull on the tie. The center bottom of the fish body is a dark wire cage full of casket shapes painted with skeletons hanging on golden fish hooks. The fish hooks are attached by their leader to small toy tops laying on their sides inside a clear cage on the top of the fish body. The top of the fish body is painted to resemble a blue sky with white clouds.”

ARTIST BIO: Dana Tindall holds a BA in Art from Austin College, Sherman TX, and an MA in Art from University of Dallas. He also holds an Ed.D from UC. He lives and works (distantly now) in Northern Kentucky, and has exhibited his work in multiple solo and juried group shows both nationally and internationally. His work is often humorous in nature, but often contains socially relevant commentary.