wooden sculpture; 60x102x24″ (shown front and side)

“’Upseated’ is in response to the COVID 19 pandemic that has affected all of us, especially children going through constant changes, thus impacting their learning, creative responses and sense of wellbeing. It is a site-specific reflective garden sculpture in process. Donated chairs were repurposed/reused instead of discarded or obsoleted. Special thanks to Craig Todd and Jenna Ludwig who helped with it.”

ARTIST BIO: Tom Reese is the service Area Coordinator for the CRC Clifton Center. He has often submitted SOS ART works as an individual artist and collaborator with the CRC staff and children in the after-school programs. He creates in fiber arts, visual arts and theatre arts. As a director, educator and instigator of all things fun and inspiring, he continues his work in a variety of ways. Tom would like to thank the CRC Clifton staff and community of parents, educators and first responders that contribute to support each other throughout this pandemic.