This exhibit, organized by SOS ART, consists of Young Artists (Children/Youth) responses to the SOS ART Retrospective (2016-2020) show.

SOS ART’s Mission is to promote, encourage and provide venues for the arts as vehicles for Peace and Justice and for a Better World.
A major educational goal of SOS ART is to engage children/youth in the process by exposing them to issues of peace and justice, informing them, triggering their thinking and involving them in a dialogue about the issues. The purpose is to help introduce and internalize values of peace and justice in children/youth through the arts. The arts will serve as a starting point to discuss such issues and also as a way to actively engage children/youth through their own creative process in addressing them.
SOS ART used the opportunity of the ongoing SOS ART Retrospective exhibit with all its included messages on peace and justice by 90 artists to engage children/youth to actively take a part in it and add their voice to it.
We thank all the children/youth who agreed to participate in sharing their works!!!
There are thumbnails of all the artworks submitted, each labeled with the artist’s name. Clicking on the thumbnail opens a page which has the image of the respective art piece with all its pertinent information. At the right and lower side of the page is a tab that allows, by clicking on it, to view a full size of the image; and at the bottom of the page is a comment case for the viewer to share thoughts, impressions, reflections, etc.
Please feel free to share this page with family, friends and any other relevant venues. The voice of our young artists is important and needs to reach far and loud. Thank you for spending time with the artwork, letting it grow in you and adding to it your self and your own perspective.
With gratitude,
Saad Ghosn,
President, SOS ART