SOS ART offers a SUPPORTIVE MEMBERSHIP for individuals who believe in its mission, want to participate in its activities and become part of its journey.

Even though no tangible material benefits are offered to an individual in return of becoming a member, contributing to peace and justice through the activities of the organization and helping in sowing the seeds for a better world are definitely the most precious rewards.

Members are kept informed of the various works and involvements of SOS ART and are invited to participate as volunteers in its diverse activities. Their symbolic annual membership fee of $30 goes toward helping SOS ART achieve its goals.

As a thank you for joining SOS ART, every new member is invited to select a limited edition print from a series of woodcut prints specially created for this purpose by well established artists associated with SOS ART. 

Please see pictures of art below (click to enlarge) by:

Andy AU, Specter; woodcut print; 12.5×9.5″, image 6.25×6.5″

Jennifer PURDUM, Viewfinder; woodcut print; 12.5×9.5″, image 6.5×6.5″

Gabi ROACH, The Cycle; woodcut print; 12.5×9.5″, image 6.5×4″

Kate ROWEKAMP, Whales in Chains; woodcut print; 9.5×12.5″, image 6.5×6.5″

Billy SIMMS, Untitled; woodcut print; 12.5×9.5″, image 9.25×9.25″


If interested in contributing to SOS ART’s mission by becoming a supportive member, please click on the link below: