digital rillustration print; variable dimensions

“This artwork speaks to the inevitable social, political, and medical havoc this virus was bound to wreak in a society that is already in the death-throes of late-stage capitalism.”

ARTIST BIO: Empire Citizens is a guerrilla, street art exposé on the absurdity of modern society. With a populace more often willing to be entertained by improbable credence, pre-prepared allotments of the imagination and suspending disbelief in lieu of accepting the simple, but often hard truths, it has never been a better time to re-align. Through mass production of playfully sardonic imagery, the aim of the project is to sow seeds of skepticism and dissent in the long barren threshold of the collective consciousness. Through grassroots, global participation, shinning a lampooning mirror of existential disappointment, the direct but forgiving critique plays with the notion that our detriment and salvation are being offered at an intellectually discounted price. While hopefully stirring a desire for active, meaningful interactions for the observers, Empire Citizens hope we may also achieve aspirations of working cooperatively towards a more creative, thoughtful and sustainable coexistence.