oil; 18.5×16.5”

“What do I do next? COVID has changed my life in both small and significant ways. “I haven’t seen my kid in weeks while he quarantines”… “How did we get here?”…. “How do I work and take care of my children?”…”I can’t believe he died. What happens next?”……. these phrases have so often replaced what we used to consider “normal” that they are now commonplace. Is this our new normal?”

ARTIST BIO: James Conroy, a Cincinnati native, is a retired fire fighter/paramedic. Through his art, he wants to create a language of shared experience and understanding. Painting allows him to process how he is feeling at any given moment and hopefully those with different skills can use his art as an outlet as well. James has no formal art training, so he trusts his instincts along with the love of his favorite works to inspire him and guide him.