An annual collective art show for Peace and Justice by Greater Cincinnati artists

This 18th consecutive annual collective art show of SOS ART for Peace and Justice by Greater Cincinnati Artists is the 1st to be held online. It will be lacking the physical coming together of the broad Cincinnati community, also the powerful and impacting effect of all the various messages for peace and justice, reflecting so many aspects of life, all gathered under one roof. It will hopefully, however, gain in a wider dissemination, in a bigger sharing of the images and messages reflecting the voices of our local artists, allowed to grow repeatedly in the intimacy of people’s homes.
This year, and due to the ongoing crisis, there were less participation than in previous years, 60 entries total, including 4 by schools and after school programs. The variety of the messages for peace and justice, however, kept its usual breadth and depth.
HOW TO VIEW THE SHOW: There are thumbnails of all the artworks submitted, each labeled with the artist’s name. Clicking on the thumbnail opens a page which has the image of the respective art piece with all its pertinent information (title, sale price, medium, dimensions, accompanying artist statement, and artist succinct biography). At the right and lower side of the page is a tab that allows, by clicking on it, to view a full size of the image; and at the bottom of the page is a comment case for the viewer to share thoughts, impressions, reflections, etc.
HOW TO PURCHASE A PIECE: If interested in purchasing an artwork, please send an email to:  including the name of the artwork and your contact information. 
Please feel free to share this page with family, friends and any other relevant venues. The voice of our artists is important and needs to reach far and loud. Thank you for spending time with the artwork, letting it grow in you and adding to it your self and your own perspective.
With gratitude,
Saad Ghosn,
President, SOS ART