papier mache; masks of different dimensions

“Art Education majors at Northern Kentucky University have been learning about studio materials and techniques in P-12 classrooms. This project explored papier mache’ mask-making. The Challenge was to create a mask which will be worn to transform/protect/conceal/camouflage/etc.- the wearer in this time of Covid-19. Student artists were allowed to include both animal and human qualities to contribute to the meaning of their mask. Below are their statement:

Peyton HARSHFIELD: “The idea behind my mask is deceit. I was thinking a mask is kind of sneaky and anonymous as it is, so I wanted to exemplify that with how it looked as well. So I chose an owl, to outline that the wearer of the mask is witty, strategic, and disciplined. The cat like resemblance represents stealth, dominance and manipulation.”

Kat GIRGASH: “This mask protects against Covid and outside predators. The animal qualities include cheetah (speed), snake (camouflage), eagle (majestic/USA) and elephant (gentleness).”

Katie PONDER: “The big idea for my mask is to protect the wearer by giving it powers to be smart, listen, watch, and advise throughout the pandemic. The fox represents being smart and cautious throughout the pandemic to keep the wearer safe. The human qualities will help the wearer see the dangers of the virus and speak of the dangers to others to protect not only themselves but others as well.”

ARTIST BIO: This is an art project art teacher Lisa JAMESON did with her art education majors at NKU, prompted by the role of masks in this time of Covid-19 pandemic.