acrylic on canvas; 12×16″

“My art piece represents equality between 4 different races; White, Black, Hispanic, and Asian, yet embraces the differences. My inspiration was witnessing many racial inequalities and racial discrimination in the world. Some people believe that “one race is better than another ” is a true statement. In my art piece I endeavored to represent equality among man and woman and between races. But yet in this day and age, women and men are not treated equally, nor are races. Women must still fight to be paid equally, and men can’t express freely their emotions for fear of being perceived weak. Some also believe that he twhite race (Caucasian) is superior to other races, and that the black/African races or Mexican/Hispanic races are on a lower scale due to the color of their skin. This piece portrays a world in which I would like to be a part of, my utopia, where we are all equal no matter our skin color or our gender.”

WINTON WOODS HS BIO: Winton Woods City Schools partnered with the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in its ‘Gifted and Talented Introduction to Art’ for ninth grade students to focus on projects upon the theme of “Freedom.” Under the guidance of art teacher Megan Smarda, students explored “what freedom meant to them.” They researched, investigated, thought in-depth about the question and created artistic solutions to their thoughts. The project became personal for thestudents and sparked great passion in them.