bone, acrylic; 4x20x6″

“It is evident that the current pandemic will shape not only day to day life, but also social behavior and cultural values. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that Arts and culture will suffer due to the mismanagement of the crisis. “Death of the arts” reflects this sentiment and the fear all of us are experiencing across the arts, as we face loss of opportunities, jobs, and family. It is meant to be a visual representation of our preset social and cultural climate in the eyes of the arts: death.”

ARTIST BIO: Samantha Niewierowski is a Paleo Artist, and an aspiring paleontologist, studying Geology and Fine Arts at the University of Cincinnati. She collects rocks- fossils her favorite, and lately started a mineral collection. Samantha is active as the president of UC’s Geology club. She has a passion for the Geosciences, and dreams of making information about it more easily available and understandable.