watercolor and colored pencil, 18×24″

“In ‘The Fight’ every part has a different meaning. The outreached hand represents a dominantly male run government with control over women’s rights. With each hand comes an orb which represents unequal payroll, control over tampon tax and abortion. These three issues are the center of women’s rights. The woman on the right is screaming and crying as her rights are being taken away from her or forced upon her. The colorful background around her represents a burst of energy, life and hope.”

WINTON WOODS HS BIO: Winton Woods City Schools partnered with the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in its ‘Gifted and Talented Introduction to Art’ for ninth grade students to focus on projects upon the theme of “Freedom.” Under the guidance of art teacher Megan Smarda, students explored “what freedom meant to them.” They researched, investigated, thought in-depth about the question and created artistic solutions to their thoughts. The project became personal for the students and sparked great passion in them.