mixed media, collage

“The SOS Art Retrospective artworks were very influential over my work because there were many pieces that evoked emotion for me. I wanted to mimic that feeling, and create a piece that makes the viewer feel something. Through my research I learned how bad the media affects self image, specifically in teen girls. In the past few years, many brands and companies have published more body positive campaigns and ads, which was a breath of fresh air while I was researching this issue.
I used my own personal experience with body image, as well as the experience of others I know, to generate my topic. Through my piece, I wanted to portray a young girl who feels as if she is falling apart, which is one of many feelings that someone with body image issues experiences. For my collaged images, I used magazine clips, social media posts and images of models, in order to set up the expectation. The images are overlapping and muddy, instead of orderly, to show the thought process of the subject. The message I am trying to communicate is helplessness. I want to show how it feels to fall apart because of your body image, and how damaging it can be to a person.“