“The political issue I picked was racism and the piece that I picked from the book was called ‘Rebels’; it showed the BLM hands raising through the ground and it looked really cool. The part that i really liked about the piece was how it was constructed and how it was colored in. The new things that I learned were about how painting a very real political issue can help you to understand why it is so very important to make others see why it is very important. I also really liked how it was very natural and down to earth and how the BLM hands were attached to these roots underneath the ground trying to make way to the surface of the concrete. I also really liked how the artist made different things in the background showing how it is very important. The political issues were very seen through and very very important in our daily lives. Sadly, prejudice and racism is still a thing everywhere, Right now, and Today. I want my piece (If i do paint) To be based on the political issues that are not yet touched or the political issues we do know about but don’t shed light on.”