mixed media, collage

“The SOS Art perspectives really inspired me because it really got me thinking about what I really believe in and what I think should be respected by everyone. Some things that I learned about my subject is that there are so many people today that don’t believe our troops should be respected. I believe that everyone should show respect towards someone that has given their life for you. I came up with my idea for this artwork because I see disrespect to our troops and first responders everywhere. I see NBA teams kneeling before the flag and I see so many people doing negative things towards cops. I created my artwork the way I did because it was trying to show how people are starting to normalize disrespecting our troops. That is being represented by the black and white side taking over the rest of the painting. Then the flag slowly burned away. Then the side that is full of color, is showing the opinion that no matter what we respect the men and women that gave their lives so we could live in peace. I really wanted to illustrate how one side of the spectrum was starting to consume the other and starting to take over. I feel as if everyone should respect our troops no matter your opinion, without them you wouldn’t be able to have your opinion and think freely.”