“The SOS Art Retrospective artworks inspired my artwork because they showed a lot about how the earth is deteriorating and falling apart. I wanted to add to that same idea. My artwork is about climate change; it’s such a simple topic yet it’s so important to the place we call home .
I learned that climate change is going down, and our earth is getting worse and worse due to natural gases that include burning fossil fuels. Some do not even believe climate change exists, many think its unreal or fraud as they would say, but if this keeps happening we won’t have a home. This topic is very important to me because I believe our earth is in very bad shape due to us; we are the problem, and bringing attention to this problem is very important. It decides our future. Even if it’s filling out a survey or donating money to organizations to help with climate change you are still helping preventing the earth from dying.
I came up with the idea of showing how the polar bears were losing their ice in the arctic because that was around the time it was happening, I thought it would be a good idea to show an example of what I meant. Many think of climate change as burning or flames or extreme heat, which is exactly what it is. The extreme heat caused the icebergs to melt and the polar bears were struggling to survive. Another example was the murky water. This showed again that the ocean water was gross due to pollution that is caused by climate change.
I selected just to paint but added a few extras such as contamination along with ice melting and animals sitting on top of the icebergs struggling to get onto the ice; it shows what it’s like not only for us but for others such as animals.
The message I tried to convey is that the earth is slowly coming to an end and there should and can be multiple ways to stop it. We should treat our earth and environments with more respect and love.”