mixed media, collage

“The SOS Art Retrospective artworks inspired the creation of my artwork by giving me ideas on what to base my artwork on, which is what most people can relate to, i.e. school bullying. What I learned about school bullying is that everyone is affected by it in different ways, even myself. Mostly everyone can relate to bullying, either being picked or actually being hurt by people. I chose to create my artwork based off of bullying because I feel like people don’t take it seriously or don’t know how much it can hurt someone. I want people to look at my artwork and see that this actually happens in schools and that people suffer bad because of it. The materials I chose are aluminum foil, acrylic paint, chalk and paper. I chose the aluminum foil to be the locker in the background because the foil kind of reminds me of lockers and I wanted to shadow them in a way where they didn’t catch too much light so I put more paint in the corners of them. I chose to make the people out of paper because I wanted them to look separate from the background and I wanted them to stand out more. I chose to add the shadows with chalk because it was the easiest thing to get in the corners of everything and in the end it made a cool effect getting the eyes to focus more on the shadowed parts. The message I am trying to communicate is that bullying really happens and it really affects people.“