newspaper, oil pastel, acrylic paint, paint markers, drawing ink; 11×14”
“I have always been deeply interested in politics and art, so for class, I decided to make a political piece. I wanted to make something inspired by the Constructionist era of art, but use modern imagery, such as the ‘resistance’ fist. The raised fist has become a symbol of oppression fighting ever since the 1920’s. It’s said that it was originally used by Industrial workers on strike because “Every finger by itself has no force (“Big Bill” Haywood). As a person in multiple minorities, resistance is extremely important to me, it’s a part of my heart and soul. I wanted to make the piece look intense and textured, so that is why I used so many different mediums. The piece ended up having five different sets of three, allowing for the eye to flow easily around the piece. I wanted it to have unity, both with the message, and the delivery, because unity can strengthen anything.”
ARTIST BIO: Lu Gee is a Grade 11 student at Mariemont High School.