photoshop poster; 11×17”
“When it comes to subjects such as hunger many of the characters we see from the Marvel or DC Universes don’t fit the canon lines but Nick Fury could fit. Being a former spy my thoughts are that he most likely has seen both the high and low ends of almost all things and likely had felt hunger at points throughout his career. Though he is unlike most other Comic heroes who can relate to the feelings of hunger of people impoverished who deal with hunger daily. As for the strategies used for the poster, there are lines leading into our image of Nick Fury. Nick Fury is with a cold stare toward the audience with facts about world hunger in the skyline behind. We also see a globe to represent the worldwide universality of the issue. In the globe is represented an Impoverished family so to give an example to how good a family can look on the outside without us knowing how it is actually doing.”
ARTIST BIO: Loc Wilson is a Grade 11 student at Oak Hills High School (OHHS).