photoshop poster; 17×11”
“As I was designing my poster I included women and different shades of pink to represent women. I used photoshop to insert a group of women at the bottom of the poster and as the background. I also made the entire poster darker so that important parts of the poster stand out in comparison to the rest of the poster. I used multiple different tools and techniques including the hue/saturation, the selection tool, text bubble tools. I put a black outline on the title and the talk bubble to help these stand out more. I made the title the same color as Captain Marvel’s uniform so that when you look at Captain Marvel’s uniform your eye moves to the title and vice versa. My poster communicates my message by having the title stand out as well as Captain Marvel’s talk bubble since the bubble is the only thing that is white. The information boxes are a light shade of yellow so that they still stand out but not be the first thing that you see on the poster. The principles that I used were space/center of interest because I positioned Captain Marvel in the center and tops of the buildings as lines to bring one’s attention to the center of the picture.”
ARTIST BIO: Kelci Barber is a Grade 12 student at Oak Hills High School (OHHS).