prismacolor pencils, black pen, and white gel pen; 9×9”
“With ‘Tranquility’, I wanted to articulate how a place of comfort feels to an introvert. An introvert is seen with a book, bursting out flowers. However, the introvert doesn’t panic in this scenario. This is because of the environment they’re in. A green light showing motion toward the character is used to emulate the trend of abnormality in lighting with a closer introduction into introversion. Tranquility’s mood is represented with white lines, moving towards the character. This is meant to represent the subtle, carefree emotion that comes along with doing what an introvert loves. It’s more than just being content, it’s about the environment. For this introvert, it’s in a spacious, quiet room with the wall letting in a nice dose of tranquility. However, there’s a television on the left that appears to have a static effect.”
ARTIST BIO: Flynn Koehler is a Grade 12 student at Oak Hills High School (OHHS).