prismacolor pencils, white gel pen; 9×11”
“When starting ‘Masking’, I wanted to discuss the overstimulation that is hidden vs. how it appears. However, the right shows the same figure, flesh-toned. They are overstimulated. With the figure on the right, it’s unclear what they’re thinking. However, the indication is that this interaction or scenario that disrupts their comfortability has a chaotic effect on their emotions. With the green light escaping their face, this shows how they’re entering a world that can trigger an introvert’s overstimulation. On the left, it shows an introvert simply reading their book but having a look of annoyance or even anger while looking up. They’re masking. Masking to hide the agony of overstimulation. One thing introverts can relate to is when their energy is low, they have to teach themselves to hide it, and I wanted this piece to show just that. With Masking, it demonstrates that introverts “have to” mask how they truly feel to be accepted into the society they’re forced to be a part of. “
ARTIST BIO: Flynn Koehler is a Grade 12 student at Oak Hills High School (OHHS).