prismacolor pencils, black pen, and white gel pen; 9×9”
“’A Single Moment’ is an after-effect of ‘Tranquility’. It demonstrates an imaginary representation of the feeling of overstimulation. When hell breaks loose, the image is transferred to a black and white image with a stressed representation of red, blue, and green. These colors are similar to the television in its previous piece. With anxiety dumb foundedly breaking through the wall, it’s not only making their tranquility unable to enter, but it’s also making the introvert twist with this pain and overstimulation. One of the things people don’t talk about in introversion is the ugly side of it. It can come with social anxiety, depression, anger issues, or a social avoidance disorder. It’s a trapped system that makes an introvert’s home the only drug that works for them. Whatever the cause of this overstimulation is, throws off the mood for an introvert. ‘A Single Moment’ is meant to be a shocking reality behind the world of a true introverts and how it affects their day-to-day life.”
ARTIST BIO: Flynn Koehler is a Grade 12 student at Oak Hills High School (OHHS).