watercolor, colored pencil, ink; 11×14”
“My painting focuses on Article 16 of Human Rights which talks about Divorce Rates and how it affects parents and children, because my parents are divorced and I wanted to do something that I had at least some information about and help other kids when their parents were getting divorced. My goals were to help inform others on the different factors of divorce, also tell them how it can affect adults and children in different ways.”
ARTIST BIO: Samantha Clifford is a Grade 11 student at Butler Tech School of Art (SOA).
PROJECT: After learning about human rights in Mrs. Valerie Folz’ Government classes at Butler Tech School of the Arts, 45 high school students chose a human rights issue they wanted to research. Then in Mrs. Mary Catherine Ruby’s Visual Art + Design classes they visually communicated their voice through their art using symbolic imagery to represent the human rights issue they had selected.