watercolor and ink; 11×14”
“I chose article 1 of Human Rights, Right to Equality. My piece is about the struggles and triumphs of those with Autism, more specifically, how they are seen and how they see themselves. My art piece wants to spread further awareness of what they go through and how no matter the difference in how they act or think, they are humans just like anyone else we may know. I have always wanted to be able to help others. I hope to go deeper into these topics of neurodivergency in the future and learn how to help the individuals who are still struggling because of the lack of proper advocacy and helpful representation.”
ARTIST BIO: Kacey Carden is a Grade 11 student at Butler Tech School of Art (SOA).
PROJECT: After learning about human rights in Mrs. Valerie Folz’ Government classes at Butler Tech School of the Arts, 45 high school students chose a human rights issue they wanted to research. Then in Mrs. Mary Catherine Ruby’s Visual Art + Design classes they visually communicated their voice through their art using symbolic imagery to represent the human rights issue they had selected.