photoshop poster; 11×17”
“When I started the planning of the project, I knew that I wanted to address bullying, a major problem that is universally felt. Many people have experienced or known someone who has been bullied. I felt that Spider-Man would be the best superhero to be the face of bully prevention because of his alter ego, Peter Parker. Throughout the comics he is presented as a picked on teen with genius level intelligence. The idea of a superhero being bullied in their everyday life makes the audience relate more to him. I feel that people can relate to this more human side of the character. People can live their hope through this comic book character. I used very basic Photoshop techniques because I believe that the poster shouldn’t be super over-the-top. I feel that the poster is flashy enough to catch a person’s eye, but doesn’t overwhelm them at the same time. Throughout the piece, I used symmetrical balance, movement, and variety. The symmetrical balance was accomplished through having both subjects in the piece be on either side of the piece. This allows for more open space in the middle where I added the facts and advice about bullying. The balance of the piece also allows for the movement to be achieved. Naturally, the first thing people will see about the piece will be Spider-Man with his brightened colors. His outstretched arm and web being shot allows for the eyes to be guided to the bullied girl. I also used variety in my piece to make it more appealing. I used brighten colors such as the red, blue, and yellow to make it more appealing to the eye.”
ARTIST BIO: Adam Robb is a Grade 12 student at Oak Hills High School (OHHS).