dslr canon camera; 7.5×11”
“This image represents the simplicity of a bold American flag being held by a young boy. The 9-year-old boy stands on harvested farmland staring off into the sunset. The picture speaks to the volume of imagination that the boy holds in his heart as he gazes upon the sky. He stands on fertile soil that will give life to the food that will nourish him to grow. The Stars & Stripes upon his shoulders, protecting and supporting his dreams for himself, his country, the land, and the generations to come. Every aspect of this photo stresses the importance of our role in society. We are to take care of our children and encourage their growth. We are to dream of what is to come and provide a loving place for them to raise their children someday and to dream. This picture reminds us of the fertile land and people entrusted to America.”
ARTIST BIO: Gloria Dunlap is a Grade 11 student at Princeton High School.
PROJECT: Photography students were challenged by art teacher Lindsey Holliday to create imagery based on their own personal passion or connection to themes of Peace and Social Justice in regards to Equality and Equity. Students viewed and discussed the Equality/ Equity Illustration, Bisa Butler’s The Safety Patrol quilt, Shepard Fairey’s American Rage poster, and Frank Willis Thomas’ Branded photograph. They also viewed the series published by Amplifier Art, 12 Conversations Seek Common Ground. Students were encouraged to develop their ideas in a plan and create their artwork using media and techniques of their choice.