dslr and lightroom; 5×11.5”
“Many times women work very hard on projects in science and get no credit for it. A woman named Katalin Kariko had a huge part in making the vaccine for Covid-19 however very few people know her name and the thanks always goes to men in that science field. This picture shows men being interviewed and women standing to the side. In the picture the woman is the main focus because we know she did a lot of the work. However you can tell in that room the men are the main interest and she has to stand and watch.”
ARTIST BIO: Lauren Burns is a Grade 10 student at Princeton High School.
PROJECT: Photography students were challenged by art teacher Lindsey Holliday to create imagery based on their own personal passion or connection to themes of Peace and Social Justice in regards to Equality and Equity. Students viewed and discussed the Equality/ Equity Illustration, Bisa Butler’s The Safety Patrol quilt, Shepard Fairey’s American Rage poster, and Frank Willis Thomas’ Branded photograph. They also viewed the series published by Amplifier Art, 12 Conversations Seek Common Ground. Students were encouraged to develop their ideas in a plan and create their artwork using media and techniques of their choice.