iphone, lightroom, photoshop; 7×11”
“In the court system, you are supposed to be innocent until you are proven guilty. This is not always the case with people of color in the US. They have a lesser advantage compared to others privilege when it comes to the court system. It is something that has been happening since the system was invented and something that needs to be more focused on. I was inspired by the work of Barbara Kruger and her collage-like social messages.”
ARTIST BIO: Shelby Scott is a Grade 11 student at Princeton High School.
PROJECT: Photography students were challenged by art teacher Lindsey Holliday to create imagery based on their own personal passion or connection to themes of Peace and Social Justice in regards to Equality and Equity. Students viewed and discussed the Equality/ Equity Illustration, Bisa Butler’s The Safety Patrol quilt, Shepard Fairey’s American Rage poster, and Frank Willis Thomas’ Branded photograph. They also viewed the series published by Amplifier Art, 12 Conversations Seek Common Ground. Students were encouraged to develop their ideas in a plan and create their artwork using media and techniques of their choice.