relief print from tooled leather and pen-plotter lettering; 10×10″, image 6×6″

“ has published the dollar amount that the NRA has given to various politicians. Their names and NRA donation amounts appear in the background of “NRA Money is a Smoking Gun for Why Shootings Continue.” Is it a coincidence that these politicians are the most vocal opponents of any gun control legislation? By any common sense interpretation of the phrase “conflict of interest,” issues impacting donors would not be decided by those who received money from those donors. Another change that we should make.”

ARTIST BIO: Jim Weaver grew up during the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights era, and the beginnings of the environmental protection movement. From those influences, he has worked in environmental restoration for many years. As a later-in-life emerging artist, his work reflects his upbringing yet expands the messages that can be given through scientific and engineering work alone.