drypoint etching on Stonehenge; 10×10″; image 6×6″

“‘Lanceāre’ serves as commentary in response to the February 24th, 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. The points populating the background of the image along with the linear shape symbolize the locations of the Russian troops encroaching on the boarders of Ukraine. The storks, representative of the national bird of Ukraine, represent the strength of the people standing together to protect one another while also seeking shelter from the violent onslaught brought forth by the Russian military.”

ARTIST BIO: Engaging local and global communities through art is the foundation of Jamie Schorsch’s personal philosophy and approach towards education. Schorsch has taught students ages 5-adult with the Art Academy of Cincinnati, The Fitton Center for Creative Arts, ArtWorks, StreetSpark, Cincinnati Public Schools, and is presently employed by Oak Hills Local School District at Oak Hills High School, where she serves as the Art and Design Department Coordinator. Schorsch is an award-winning artist who has participated in over 60 exhibitions regionally and nationally and is included in multiple publications.