drypoint etching; 10×10”, image 6×6”

“Drawing and Printmaking students at Oak Hills High School worked under the guidance of art teacher Jamie Schorsch to create drypoint etching compositions based on a human right. This artwork is inspired by Article 1 of the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights. This article states that “All humans are born free and equal in dignity and rights.” and it also describes how people should act in a conscious manner towards their peers. Cats and mice are two of the most well known rivals in the animal world, so it felt fitting to make them the center of attention. They are surrounded by periwinkles, the flower of hope, and chrysanthemums, the flower of death, to represent the coexistence of the two ideas. This piece is meant to show the differences in image of people, and how even though these people are different from each other, they can still act with love. It’s meant to inspire others to do the same, and not just sit back and watch in confusion as all the bad things happen.”

ARTIST BIO: Anne Riley is a Grade 9 student at Oak Hills High School.