drypoint etching; 10×10”, image 6×6”

“Drawing and Printmaking students at Oak Hills High School worked under the guidance of art teacher Jamie Schorsch to create drypoint etching compositions based on a human right. Article 5 states that “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment,”. However, with the Ukrainian war it has been proven this article has been more than broken. We should see war as a torture device, punishing those who don’t deserve it. I wanted my piece to center around the fact that civilians are suffering from war and not just the soldiers and those with political power. A beautiful young women getting her life stripped away from her as she sits before a battlefield. Holding onto the remains on who and what is left . . . “Stay away from us, do you not see our tears!?”. . . I created this piece with my art style in hoping to communicate with not only adults but younger audiences as well.”

ARTIST BIO: Abigail Miley, is a Grade 10 student at Oak Hills High School.