drypoint etching; 10×10”, image 6×6”

“Drawing and Printmaking students at Oak Hills High School worked under the guidance of art teacher Jamie Schorsch to create drypoint etching compositions based on a human right. My print is a combination of articles eighteen and nineteen of the UN declaration of Human Rights. For eons liberty, at least, in the USA are of utmost importance to citizens yet is tramped on each day. Originally inspiration came from crows for, in the USA they are quite the common bird and would be able to witness these atrocities happening daily acting as divine jurists. The imagery such as the key and drain came from the simple matter of the USA liberties being dismantled every day and yet with all the organizations and laws put into place, nothing much has changed, symbolizing the key going down the drain with the crow ‘spy’ gazing and the world being chained up endlessly as a consequence.”

ARTIST BIO: Jada Kidd, is a Grade 10 student at Oak Hills High School.