block print and mixed media; 10×10”, image 6×6″

“’Enough Is Enough’ is inspired by the long-term injustice and violence against minorities in America. The vibrant colors within the background are to symbolize the vivacious essence of minority people and their traditional backgrounds. The black block print that lays on top of the colors represents the stark contrast in treatment and inequality. The imagery of chaotic waves and a shape that I identify as a bull horn is reflective of the fight back and resilience of minorities; the accompanying all capital word of ‘ENOUGH’ is the point blank sentence that mirrors no tolerance for discriminatory behavior. My piece is dedicated to all the people who fight back for their rights and the many who show the strength of underrepresented people.”

ARTIST BIO: Vanessa Murray is a mixed media artist based in Southern California. Her main mediums include spray paint, acrylics, and paint markers. A lot of her art comes from self-expression and personal experiences, but she wanted to apply herself to this riveting topic of peace and justice.