collagraph, with hand-colored chine colle center; 10×10″, image 6×6″

“The poppy is a symbol of peace, especially after WWI. It is meant to remember those who have died in war. Red is the bloodshed; dark center is for those who mourn loved one who will not be welcomed home. In today’s world, there are many who will not return home due to war, hatred, greed… leaving those left behind to mourn and remember.”

ARTIST BIO: Louann Elliott is a graduate of the Art Academy of Cincinnati, with majors in painting and printmaking. She loves the colors that painting allows and, at the same time, loves the process of printmaking which incorporates the act of drawing, basic to all art. Printmaking though, allows her to be more experimental. While Louann is embarrassed when people tell her they like her work, she feels, at the same time, a tingle of joy inside!