stoneware, fabric, wood, underglaze; 80x5x5”

“This piece is about feeling trapped and isolated in an unhealthy relationship. When you don’t perceive something as a threat, you don’t try to flee or fight. I had never viewed love as a threat before now. Even as I realized my relationship was unhealthy, I felt safer with someone whom I loved and knew accepted me even if I was not loved in return. I felt if I ended it, I would not find another who accepted a trans man. So like a spider drains the life from its prey, I was trapped and slowly losing parts of myself to an unseen threat.”

ARTIST BIO: Lane Trevor is a mixed media artist with focuses on ceramic, alternative clay media and metal. He graduated from NKU with a BFA in Spatial Arts and a BA in Visual Communications and Design. Lane uses his art to explore his body, mind, and his relationship to nature. He currently lives and works in the northern Kentucky area.