acrylic paint, embroidery floss, ink; 24×13”

“My relationship with my mixed identity has been defined by personal insecurities on how I am perceived as a racially ambiguous individual. I came into my transness when I grew into a deeper and more confident understanding of my racial identity through learning the history that influenced the decisions of those who came before me. Snakes are creatures that shed as they grow. It feels like growing and metaphorically shedding skin when I learn more about family history which ties into Asian Diaspora history. Peonies are often depicted in Bird and Flower Painting, a type of Chinese painting that is prevalent in East Asia. I celebrate my mixed heritage and queerness through creating art which celebrates the nuances within intersections of identities.”

ARTIST BIO: Aspen Que Stein is a mixed Chinese Vietnamese artist from Cincinnati, Ohio. Their work draws upon experiences where self perception and identification conflict with how someone might be perceived and identified by others. Their interest in external and internal perceptions stems from their experiences as a queer and mixed person.